Getting into the 10k club ...?

Last year I started android development as a hobby. I’m a college student. I got around $1.5k last year from one popular app (around 200k downloads, 40k users I’d prefer not to name it).

I’m working on 2-3 ideas and got to thinking what does it take to actually make android development a full time job, preferably with decent income?
I’m at 1.5k… taking baby steps here.

I know that you’ve got to have the right idea and execute it exactly right, that’s not why I’m posting this.

With what stats can a developer reasonably expect to make in the region of 10k annually?
As in how many impressions, CTR eCPM, how many active users, how many downloads, how much rating for the app?
I can do the math fully well, but I’d prefer some real life stats. Approximately how popular should an app be to churn out 10k per year?

In time you should get to 10k anually if you are making quality apps/games. And I suppose such app should be 10/1.5 more popular than your current one. :wink:

I second that ^^

I thought I specifically said I can do the math myself.
Making an app 10/1.5 more popular was so helpful.
Thank you.

I don’t know what answer do you expect then. We can’t really give you a recipe for a success on golden plate. Everything depends on so many variables that estimating by calculating from your current revenue is the best way to judge what you have to achieve to gain such income - because you are most likely to have similar results with new apps. And if you really want real world data, there are many threads with reports here - from people who are willing to share the data, not all of us are - you can easily estimate using numbers from that threads.

Since you can do the math yourself then here you go:

Thank you! That was helpful :slight_smile:

10k what? a month ? a day?

i think you should target yourself to get 10k a month. is doable… :smiley:
anyone here got 10k a day?

He wants 10k per year, which should be easy.
10k a month a day would be insane, but I think there were people here who claimed to have reached that levels - at least for a while.

You bookmarked them all