Getting a new developer account after being suspended. Is it possible?

Is there a way to do this?

Here is what I did.

I got a new gmail account. ( I heard that this is bad and that the account must be fairly old)
I used my real name and address (same as before) I also used the same phone number and recovery email while registering the new email.
I used the same computer and the same internet connection.
The IP address however was different. I guess it changes automatically with time.
I used a different credit card with a different name but I put the same address information.
A couple of hours later I get an email that the payment was cancelled and my google wallet account was suspended. So the account wasnt even activated.

Do I need to change my computer?
Do I need to move?
Do I need to change my name?
Is the IP address important?

There must be a way to do this. Has anyone been successful getting a new account after suspension? How did you do it?

Try using some good IP, different name and virtual machine

What do you mean by good IP?

Good luck man. Google is PSYCHOTIC when it comes to trying to make a new account. They just suspended my account recently that was making AWESOME money. I’m completely devastated. Months of hard work right down the drain. It’s absolutely sickening the way they treat devs. I would love to see some kind of class action lawsuit brought against them.

I drove out to a friends house with a brand new laptop, new address, debit card, name, email, everything you can think of. 24 hours later, google say f** you to me and says there was some activity that suspended the account. You pretty much have to be a superhero to to get a new account up and running IMO. I don’t know how they do it, but they are straight up nazis when it comes to devs wanting to make a new account. I feel like they assign one employee to just track down any little tiny piece of information they can about a dev to make sure they can never ever make a new account at all. Period.

I’ve been a massive google supporter since they first came around, I’ve always believed in them. After the way they treat hard working developers, I cannot help but think that they are evil when it comes down to it. I read all of the horror stories right here on this site thinking, ahh I’ll be fine. Nope. Once you get smacked by their random banhammer, you’re in for the fight of your life if you want to develop apps again for them. It’s just completely dumbfounding the way they treat developers. I have no other words other than good luck man. I’m moving over to mac / ios development for good. F*** google play.

While I understand your devastation on the matter, you must have got an account banned in the first place.
If you managed to get an entire account banned then you were obviously doing shady things that violated Google’s policies.
If you are breaching their terms then they have every right to keep you from doing so again. Anyone who develops on the shady end of things knows the risks involved and that there are never guarantees etc etc.

Sure you can be mad that you got caught, but you can’t be mad at their ethos. They’re running a business at the end of the day and its their rules.

Yeah… lets be honest here… Google does not have a ‘random banhammer’.

@ alkaline and @ mind.
Yes they have a hammer: