GetJar showing more downloads than I think I am getting?

I posted my app to GetJar ( GetJar | Mobile - Appsolutely Everything - worlds biggest open appstore ) a few days ago. It is saying on GetJar analytics that I got 121 downloads yesterday and 102 downloads today. However, when I check Admob, it says I only have 40 ad impressions today, and 25 ad impressions yesterday. I doubt that 60% of people that downloaded my app downloaded it and never touched it, even once.

Does anyone else have a similar experience? I didn’t upload an APK (which I will do soon), only a link to the Google Play version. My Google Play downloads didn’t go up either. Very strange.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

GetJar is probably artificially increasing the number of downloads. The same happens with Opera Store and SlideMe Market.

Why would they do this though? This makes me not trust them.

Because they want to be seen like a network worthwhile?

Don’t confuse downloads with installs… In these markets like GetJar, Opera, SlideMe and others, when you click download you simply get an apk file, and this request is what they count. Only a small percentage of these downloads actually get installed.