Get you app translated for free

I recently found this subreddit where you can find people who will translate your app for free.
This works quite well, and having your app localized is a great organic marketing tool.

Try it.

Its ok but you need a crowdin project ($9 for tiny package) and the link you posted is a place where you invite translators.
This method is not guaranteed but yes good for almost free translation

If you don’t mind your app strings to be on public display, you can get a free public account at crowdin or getlocalization.
Finding translators is the hard part, I used to translate using gengo, it got very expensive to keep maintaining all the different languages after a while.

I am currently using odesk. You can find translators ready to do the job for 1500 words for $10. For countries like Vietnam, Philipines and Romania, its even cheaper than $10.

Compare the above rates with what Google is offering through play store $75-$125 for one language in one app.

The reditt link shared in this thread, doesn’t look very promising to me (at least when you desperately want your app to be translated)