Get More Qualified App Reviews to Promote Your App

There are two questions we often ask when we have launched our app. How do I get more app reviews? How do I get better app reviews? Qualified app reviews plays an important role in App Store Optimization. It can help you optimize your app to rank higher and get more downloads.
You can get more qualified app reviews via these ways.

  1. Ask your users
    This is a direct way to communicate with your users. You can give users small gifts for review your app makes everybody happy. And you must remember to ask them in a suitable time and wonderful way. Do not forget to thank them.
  2. Rely on social media
    Beyond your usual email marketing strategy, you should also mention your best-converting and favorite social media outlets for your app to your users. Not directly for reviews, but for user engagement. Reviews will follow suit or it will come with commitment.
  3. Buy app reviews from professional company
    You can buy some positive app reviews to make your app reliable. ASO2Top is professional ASO company that you can trust it. There are all 100% real users from all over the world. They will give you reviews with high quality.
  4. Build a cool app
    Develop an excellent app and deliver only the best services. Make your users happy and satisfied. Believe me, people will rave about your app, because they know you deserve it.

Have you tried these ASO strategies to get positive reviews for your app? Now you can finish your goals.

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