Get Free Passport Size Photo In seconds 2019

Today I am going to introduce You guys an Amazing App. Its very short time game when you need passport size picture for online submission with specific dimension and background. There are lots off sites and apps but almost of them are pro version and you need to pay them.
But here is free App through which you can remove background from the photo and have a passport size photo just in a second so below are the features and description how to use the app formal man Photo suit

Background Eraser and professional suits
There dozens of suits in different style of color and you can select any one all are free no premium or pro… plus, easily can change the background from white to blue or voice versa. Different institute or departments ask different background white blue etc.
Size and offset
With size and offset you can drag and drop you pointed location and erase the unwanted space …you can increase the size with the control on the left and the right of this feature
Crop your picture and remove the unwanted part of the picture
Change back ground of the photo from white to blue or vice versa … there are also free wallpapers you can add by choosing as per your requirements just drag and drop…

There are different types of suits and color … select as per you body shop and edit it as per requirements.
Save your work for future use! And easily change the background from white to blue or blue to white
Here is built in share option easily can share the final photo to the desired location or social media. Men suit photo editor make it easy to have passport size photo in seconds and free