Get addicted to a new game-Diving Monkey !

Diving Monkey
Developed by: Dr.Trouble.
Development environment: UNITY.
Targeted For: Android.

Diving Monkey developed by Dr.Trouble (Sahar Sabin & Alex Bliskavka), two young developers from Rishon Le Tzion, Israel.

The game’s purpose is to collect as much golden coins as you can and help the diving monkey to fulfill his childhood dream – to become the richest monkey in the universe.
In his under-sea journey toward the gold, stand the evil eels. Their purpose is to rob the monkey and to sabotage his efforts to fulfill his dream.

In these days the game is in Beta version, where the next version to be released will have a lot of changes that will take the user experience one step forward.
The changes will be reflected in the graphics and features. The most significant change will be the addition of an equipment shop, which will allow users to redeem the golden coins which they collect for cool accessories and improvements that will add to the game experience

Known Problems:
If you are a developers and you use developer options, the game might not work if your run-time options is on ART, the game will crash and will not work.
this is because we use Unity, and only the next version of Unity will support run-time ART options.
change the run-time options to dalvik.

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