Get 12% of revenue as reward!

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Adxmi Q2 developer activity ended, but benefit for adxmi developer will never stop! We have a totally different bonus event for Q3. You can not only get $20 for first registration but also 12% of your monthly revenue as reward!

Time From July 15th to September 30th

Event 1 Register for $20
Get a $20 reward for the first registration of Adxmi developer’s account(registration link: ).

Event 2 Revenue bonus
Eligible developer will be reward by a corresponding percentage of the monthly revenue. The more you earn, the more reward you get!

Please note:
1.All bonus are not counted in ads revenue, but directly to the developer account balance.
2.Bonus in event 2 is non-cumulative. By the end of each month, eligible developers will be summarized and rewards will be paid before 10th of next month.


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