generate round corners app icon online?

Hi everyone,

So I have an image I’d like to round it’s corners online and generate it in the app icon format (meaning 512x512 and the drawble folders).
I can’t find a tool online that does it.

I’d like my icon to look something like this:

Currently the closest I found was a regular app icon generator at Makeappicon - Generate app icons of all sizes in a click! but it doesn’t round the corners.

Please help me, I have about 10 icons I’d like to round their corners.

Thank you so much!


There’s one in the android asset studio that’s pretty good.

First of all, thanks!

Second of all, it’s pretty hard to admit, but I honestly can’t understand how to use it to round the 4 corners lol.

Can you please tell me what option to choose at every line?
Thank you,

Round My Pic - Rounded corners - Bevel effect

Sorry, I think I used an older version before that would round your corners, I can’t get this one to round them either.

Oh well, thanks anyways, any other offers would be great!