General Doubts and Multiple ADD Networks integration

Hi Developers,
During my groundwork of ADD Network integration with my first android Application, I came across following doubts/queries which is very much expected from a novice in this field as you guys must have come across this.
I request all of you to share your opinions and ideas you all have handeled this.

NOTE: I have developed a android application which comes in TOOLS Section

Please say me the word if i am Correct with my general understanding of Following ADD Terms:-

  1. Defination of Impression? is it the number of times Banner Bar is Loaded OR number of adds shown inside the Banner Bar? How about Intertitial Adds?
  2. Defination of Fill Rates? is it the efficiancy of the ADD Network of pumping/showing adds during the session(say 20 seconds) of the Application?
  3. Defination of eCPM? Effective Count per thousand impressions? in other words how much Developer is paid for 1000 impressions?

4. Is it possible to combine multiple ADD Networks within single android Application? if yes, what is the max limitation?
5. If 1st is true, can we choose those ADD Networks together who offer “pay per install” model?
6. If 1st is true,

  • App size will be more?
  • User Data Usage will go high?
  • App will be slow as multiple Add API’s will be busy in polling and add requests?
  1. Do i need to give a update to users ONLY(without any APP feature update) to remove a particular add network from APP and switch on another one?
  2. How to combile multiple add networks in one Application. please provide a tutorial or link.
  3. What kind of ADD type one should look for the Applications whose functionality works in the background without any display to user.(pay per install model?)
  4. StartApp “pay per install” model still works if App has multiple Add networks embedded?
  • Please share the ADD Networks working BEST for you, hopefully with stats.

I assue i will post mine experience with you soon.

  1. Number of ads shown inside the banner bar.

  2. If 100 times request (to display ads) is sent and only 98 ads are shown by network then your fill rate is 98.

  3. Effective Cost per Thousand impressions. Your defn is right.

  4. yes, you can. But i think there’s no restriction.

  5. Sorry i dont know the answer for that.

  6. a)yes
    c)yes, it becomes slower. And apart from that your UI will look cluttered.

  7. Please dont do that. I, particularly me, hate to pay just for removing ads from the app. And its worst even then ads will be shown (from other networks). By the way users wont have any clues about ad networks.

  8. I think there is no link for combining multiple networks… But you can easily find tutorials for integrating ads for each network.

  9. Yes, Pay per install method.

  10. Sorry i never used startapp so i dont know… (But other forum members answer that one very clearly…:rolleyes:)

If something is wrong, notify me i will correct it…

thanks for clearifying ahamed.
but still i have no clue if multiple add networks who have “pay per instal” could be integrated together(ofcourse with revenue from all)