GDPR : what do you think about that

On May 25th the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will be effective.
I open this thread for discussing about how to be compliant with it, for those who are using different ad network or other third party platform that save user data.
Moreover we can discuss about how earning from advertise will be influenced. It seems that now, for using personalized ads, you must ask the user consent.

It’s a mess… that’s the only thing I can say so far-_-

I have not done anything about GDPR so far. I am not storing any user data. I use ad networks and analytics though. I see 3 options

  1. Do nothing
  2. Always ask ad networks for non-personalized ads for eu users
  3. Implement a user consent dialog. Admob is supposed to provide a consent sdk

I do not understand what are the penalties. I saw somewhere about a 4% fine. I would prefer to pay this fine (if somehow eu finds out that an app serves personalized ads). How are there are going to find that anyway?

Are we in danger to be banned from Google play or Admob?

I don’t think so. Google play has not issued any notice about it.

To say its a mess would be soft word.

It’s so…well I don’t know what it is, all I see is spam from ad networks sending me 20 emails daily because apparently they are scared.

But yeah, it matters only if GooglePlay is affected which I don’t think is the case.

As far as for their policy they can’t possibly keep track of all people and there will should be at least 15 days period to implement all these changes once this GDRP becomes active. Until then, just keep calm and continue making bad apps

There are solution but they still not publish the SDK But from their employee, developer will take action about GDPR:!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/android/5pmTbSo5sZY

4 days to the 25th and it’s still not available :frowning:

Now it is:
Requesting Consent from European Users

Enhance has been working hard to help devs get GDPR ready.
Head over and check out the blog and survey and see how we can help you…

It seems we must select only 12 ad technology providers for using the default dialog. How could we know which providers are better than the others?

With this regulation, it’s hard to anticipate results.
Having an updated privacy policy and consent from end-users is a must. Even if your main user base is not located in the EU.
Appodeal developed a GDPR-friendly SDK with Parallel Bidding on it. This SDK allows non-targeted ads for users who don’t agree with the terms.

This is very confuse, i have many Android and iOS ads for the update. Consent SDK only display “12 ad technology providers”, this mean if i only use Admob and Facebook only choose two provider? Because i see both FB and Admob display some ads from difference provide when they not full fill.

Are you using mediation?

No, i remember admob auto display adchoice when no fill

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