GDPR on Facebook Audience Network?

While Admob seems pretty clear on what to do to have people agree/disagree with their data collection, I can’t see anything similar on FAN. Does anybody know how can I programmatically activate/deactivate personal data gathering for ads purpose on FAN?

Side question, I saw many apps like Zedge, Hill Climb racing just changing their privacy policy and not asking for consent for AdMob Ads. Can we do that? Or we must ask for some stupid consent

I think you don’t have to ask users if you will use only non-targeted ads. But I don’t know if you have to inform user that e.g. FAN is using still your IP etc.

The problem is that people should be able to choose if they want to have personalized ads. The regulation is clear on that. Anyway, I’ll wait 2-3 weeks to see what happens.

So we can turn off personalized ads for EU users and we don’t have to show any dialog to the user?

Can’t we handle all that in privacy policy? Our privacy policy is that we use targeted ads, if you disagree with that, gtfo
Something like that but written in lawyer language that makes no sense to anyone

Sure you can but what will be the cost? I think that soon someone will make some tests on Europe ads comparing the loss on non-personalized ads vs personalized ads. Based on that data we can then decide if the loss on the overall income (EU is just a part of it) is acceptable or not. For example for me a loss >15% on overall income would be not acceptable and in that case we can find a way to show the consent screen only to EU users.
I was reading on firebase page that those companies who have a “large scale” of users and are registered outside the EU zone would also need a Data Protection Officer (DPO) and/or a European Representative that are two guys that will facilitate and guide the implementation of GDPR regulation :eek: for the company. That leaves me with many questions: What do they mean with “large scale”? Is 20k EU users/ month considered “large scale”? 30K ? 50k? 100k? 1M? Do these guys need to be payed too? Here is the link Designar Delegados de Protección de Datos y Representantes de la UE  |  Firebase. Maybe I’m going paranoid and a single developer with simple apps will never be considered a “large scale” influencer but who knows.

Yeah @Sab declaring that on terms and conditions is better than nothing and from what I saw, in the eventuality of beign caught, when calculating your penality, everything you make to inform users is taken in consideration to lower the final penality. But I don’t want to live in fear. Deactivating personalized ads on EU users as @mmmkkksss said is not such a bad idea after all :smiley:


Well its impossible for me to pay 20 million euros fine, it’s impossible for most people to pay that much. That fine is silly.

And I am not worried about EU, I am more worried about AdMob and GooglePlay as they are very unclear about consequences on their side.
I am looking at some medium sized companies and they are not doing much, they just declared in their privacy policy that they have targeted ads and if users disagree they should uninstall application. And it should be like that, paranoid users should simply ****off with their paranoia that someone wants their data and that they are relevant.

But I guess the best way to handle it is ToS on start, if you want to use our apps, you must consent with targeted ads. Surely this will bring a lot of negative reviews, but then again, retards give negative reviews for every small thing that bothers them these days.

Man, the 20 million fine is not for you. It’s just an indication of the maximum amount but no small company will be charged that much. Anyway I think I’ll go also for ToS on start for now

Disabling Personalized ads is not enough to be GPDR compliant… You must get user consent before showing ads (or using analytics, crash reporting system, …)

“Ads served by Google can be categorized as personalized or non-personalized, both requiring consent from users in the EEA”

Right. It should be around 2% to 4% of your annual turnover

ToS on start is OK, but if you force to use the app with targeted ads, you are not GPDR compliant. You must force to collect personal user data only for service that can’t work without it

You must propose two (or three choices) : personalized ads, non personalized ads (and maybe buy ad-free version or quit)

@Sab @Wob @mmmkkksss if this is true :eek::eek: shit is getting real

Yeah but they are not being sued by EU but by some random greedy company that will be destroyed on court.

And exactly, Google doesn’t ask you for consent but rather makes you to consent if you want to use their services. Same goes for Facebook.

As it should be. Those greedy retards want everything free without any charge and no targeted ads, that’s not happening. Nothing is really free. Like we don’t have bills to pay and we all love working our asses of for nothing.

But I guess the best thing to do is wait until Tuesday, if nothing much changes in big companies, just update privacy policy and perhaps show ToS dialog on start and be done with this nuisance.

Also if the fine is 2~4% of my company annual turnover, they can’t possibly get info about how much my company made last year. Well they can but it wont be as accurate