GDPR & Admob

I believe every one using Admob has got this email.

Dear Partner,
As we shared in March, we are updating the AdSense Terms of Service which also apply to our AdMob partners. They are now ready for you to review.
These updates were made to meet the needs of our publishers around the world as our AdSense and AdMob products continue to improve. Among other things, the updated terms include new provisions about feature testing, invalid activity and policy compliance as well as how we handle payments to you.
Furthermore, the updated terms introduce new data protection terms related to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other EU privacy frameworks. Specifically, the updated terms incorporate our controller-controller terms and our updated EU User consent policy (learn more here).
Action Required: Please sign into your AdMob account online to review and accept the updated Terms of Service. We recommend that you consult your legal advisor in case you have questions about the terms.
We would also like to encourage you to, by May 25, 2018, engage with the recently launched Ad Technology Provider (ATP) Controls to both choose the ad technology providers who will be able to serve and measure ads on your sites and apps for users in the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as provide EEA users with the option to see non-personalized ads (if that is what you decide to do).
If you have any questions about this update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account team or contact us via Help Center.

My question is what you guys has done soo far. In case of failure who will fine us? And can they fine people in countries like India, Pakistan etc?
Also please suggest what should be done? Can we simply choose to server non personalized ads and become compliant with the EU GDPR? What actions can admob/google play take for non compliant developers?

Any kind of help and suggestion is much appreciated.


I’ve done absolutely nothing. Most developers didn’t. I didn’t see any consent dialogs on apps as far as I know. I did see many websites forcing consent, you have to accept or else you’re redirected to, websites such as webmd or healthline

But I don’t know what to do, Appnext doesn’t require any kind of consent, admob as always explained nothing. Guess I will wait some more, if we are somehow pushed even more I will add in my privacy policy that we are using targeted ads, if user disagrees he can politely gtfo

Just putting the stupid GDPR in privacy policy will not solve it, there should be a consent dialog, but I’ve done nothing either lol, I will wait if google will force it on me then I have to do it otherwise they may suspend our accounts or something, it would be a disaster.

Haven’t bothered either, I doubt there will be any consequence for some time yet. I don’t have the time to implement a consent dialogue in all my apps unless I have to.

I’ve done nothing too. Most of developers have completely ignored it. I’m too lazy for that and I still don’t know the impact it has on revenue

The irony is that Google Admob says Even you want to server Non-Personalized ads, you still must show consent dialog. I don’t know why they try to monopolize everything. Even thought Admob and Google Play are two separate entities but they always try to act same by their rules. I’m thinking of showing non personalized ads.

Also I believe this should totally be a part of ad network that before showing ad show users a dialog to choose their options i.e They are okay with personalized ads or They don’t want personalized ads. Simple

I’ve integrated the consent sdk library, but it wasn’t an easy work. I had to adapt it to the billing manager because I’m using a paid option to remove ads and I had to modify how the Activitys in my app interact because I’m showing ads after a splashscreen. It took me 3 weeks.
The ad revenue wasn’t changed. The selling revenue was increased, but I don’t know if it is for the remove ads button in the dialog or maybe because the start up is slower with ads due to the consent library (it must check every time the status of the user (not european, personalized or not personalized ads).