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Everything is all about Android! I have also Android, but my first game will be on the both platforms, because I think, if idea is unique, then it should be launched in both markets in the same time!

There are lot of pros and no real cons (except additional work).
I have heard that it is more easy for IT guys to make games for iOS than Android.

What do you say about this?

from PonyLAB

Really depends what you mean by that. As a statement, it’s pretty useless - what do you mean by “IT guys”. To what extent is it “more easy”?

I beg to differ regarding your “no real cons” assertion. Here’s one for you. For casual developers with little free time, publishing in the Android Market doesn’t carry the same financial risk associated with subscribing up as an iOS developer.

For me, the big difference is that publishing on the Android Market requires a one-time fee of $25, whereas I’d have to pay $99 per year for iOS and I’d need a mac to do the programming.

i love ios games ever,but i always wait for this games come on andorid market

Sorry if I was not very constructive in my post.

I am not a developer from IT point of view. I have ideas and I am searching for someone who can develop - that is IT guy! :angel:

Sure there are cons and one of them is that you need iOS hardware to develop iOS game.
If you have a great idea you should target both target groups. I mean if you are making some marketing activities and game is attractive then those who have iPhones will also want to play your game and if it wont be available in apple market - another developer will make it.
Even if it is small game, you want to take all of it not let someone else get benefit of it!

If you have done great job with game engine, story, design, marketing etc., then effort in transferring game to iOS should be peanuts. This is that I actually was meant with my first post.
Is it hard from IT point of view?

Just to be clear it’s not the iOS hardware that is the issue so much that you need a full blown mac to build and publish for iOS.

One thing you may want to look at if you’re trying to get to both markets as quickly as possible is a platform/framework that supports both. There are a few of these out there. For the free side, take a look at cocos2d-x and Moai. On the licensed side there are such options as Unity or Corona. I won’t make any recommendations as I haven’t had a chance to play with any of these yet, although I plan to have a stab at Moai when I get a free weekend (looks at diary so, sometime in 2013).

Thanks for advice!

I wish you have free weekend in 2012! :cool: