Gamers needed for bug-testing/feedback -- RPG inspired by the good old GameBoy days!

Azmara is a 2D RPG inspired by the zelda video game franchise. We are a small team of 3 and we are seeking supporters to bug test our game’s progress.

Android ‘beta’[.apk] files available for bug testing — Test the first dungeon – time to complete is around 30 minutes, if you can survive! We are aiming to make a game 15+ hours of gameplay. A FULL action-adventure game that will be offered for Android and IOS devices [possibly windows with enough resources/support].


  • Temporary Village: exploring environmental tiles and playing with unique multi-level tile design
    *village includes Shopkeeper where shield can be purchased… you might need it!
  • First dungeon located underneath church
  • Temporary Slime Monsters: Currently working on Monster and Boss AI, weapon hit-box length, weapon combo system [timing between attacks using different weapons]
  • Boss fight… good luck!
  • Crazy multi-levels, multiple pathways to success or death! See how well you remember the layout

FEEDBACK: Share your thoughts and opinions on this thread or email me directly [email protected]
BUGS/ERROR REPORTS: Bugs + Errors can be provided on this thread or directly email me at [email protected]
*You can also find detailed information on
Test it on your smartphone or tablet