[GAME] Word Miner Free

How many words can you spell in a minute?

This is for anyone who enjoys scrabble, scramble, boggle or any kind of word puzzle games.

In Word Miner you have 60 seconds to spell as many words as you can on a board that’s 5 tiles high and 5 tiles wide, using only the letters available to you. Words can be spelled horizontally and vertically.

When the game is over you will be scored on every correct word that’s at least 3 letters long. Bonus points are awarded for words that are 4 and 5 letters long. You’ll receive a gem at the end of the game depending on your score. The higher your score, the better the gem you’ll win!

The gems you win will be displayed on the main screen (up to 100). You can play with them using your phone’s tilt sensors! :smiley:

Download Word Miner Free