[GAME] Marbleution


I have released my second Android game: Marbleution.

You have to duplicate the given patterns with growing marbles to solve the 25 challenging levels. The levels difficulty is increasing and you will need more and more creativity and strategic thinking.

Here some screen shots:

It is an ad supported version. Any feedback is welcome!

Android Market link:


Tried it. Don’t know why, but I can’t even clear the first board. I looked at directions. Tapped twice, pattern matches, but the level clears. Go figure.

Also, the directions say “TAB free space”. I think you meant “tap”.

The game looks good. Gave it five stars even though I can’t figure out why it doesn’t finish a two click level.


Did you place the marbles at the EXACT position? Not only the pattern has to be the same but also the position…

I have to correct the typo!

Thanks for the rating anyway.

As a matter of fact, no I didn’t. That would explain things:)

Nice game

Surely it does :wink:

I hope you enjoyed playing now…