[GAME] Jump Cube, Jump

Avoid enemies, objects and walls, collect coins and power-ups, reach the longest distance and biggest level.
Chalenge yourself, beat the others.

You have two button:

  • left button - you’ll enable god mode, that means that you can walk through walls and the special platforms will not activate (but you can’t also collect coins and power-ups in this mode)
  • right button you jumped to the height (hold longer -> jump higher) and you can do double-jump (be patient with touching)

Coin colors:

  • YELLOW - increase score
  • WHITE - increase life (max 3 lifes)
  • RED - slow you down
  • BLUE - speed you up
  • BLACK - heavy mode ->heavy jumps
  • GREEN - cloak of invisibility
  • DARK RED - new level
    New level - every new level the speed of your cube will increase

Normal vs Fast - you can choose between two mods - normal or fast. In fast mode your player will be much faster, so you can collect more points faster, but you can also lose lifes faster.

Unexpected death - you can die also because of fast fall (collision detection in fast mode could have glitches, enjoy them :))

Google Play Link:


Download link mirror 1:


Download link mirror 2:




Enjoy, have a fun and bye.

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Nice… Its Amazing…

Appreciate the screen shots. It’s very cool, great for the older kids. You running Admob for this one? Also, if you don’t mind me asking how’s the traffic in SK for your games?