[GAME][FREE] Vegetable Sorter

Vegetable Sorter is addictive and very entertaining game that you will play for hours! It’s kind of action/arcade game with lots of features. Challenge with your friend using Google Play Game services. Very funny and addictive.

Become a factory worker and begin sorting vegetables to get your payment.
In this game your task is to sort vegetables and put them into boxes. In work will help you another workers who will be receiving full boxes and make them empty. But don’t think that it’s so easy. You must sort all of them before they reach end of belt and get destroyed. You must put in the boxes only same kind of vegetables. If you try to put more than one vegetable on same time into box you will get extra points!

The game offers three modes:
Normal Mode - basic mode in which you have to sort fixed quantity of vegetables but the belt accelerates with time
Time Attack Mode - in this mode you must fill boxes to get extra time. When time finish you will die
Progressive mode - in this mode every 40 second new box and new vegetable will be added to the belt

Game features:

  • three game modes
  • google play games leaderboards
  • google play games achievements
  • additional unlockable items

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vegetable.sorter