[Game][Free] Ultimate Stacker

Stack your highest height with cute jelly blocks!

You are a fairy in a fantasy land where a swarm of cute jelly blocks live.
One day, these jelly blocks are gazing into the sky and it sparked their
curiosity as to what lies beyond it. Upon hearing their wish, you seek the
help of aliens from outer space to help them. You gave them a condition that they should help each other out by piling up to reach the sky. However, these blocks are way too excited to see what is beyond the sky. Will you be able to control them and stack them up to grant their wish?


*Animated cute jelly blocks with different behavior and abilities

*Stack high into the sky!

*Mystery and special blocks will appear for unique bonuses (later versions)


Download it at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tacoty.ultimatestacker


  • Updated Achievement icons to be unique to one another
  • Compatible with Tacoty Box game hall