[GAME] [FREE] Tumble Panda


we just released our game [b]Tumble Panda[/b] on the Play Store and it would great if you could give it a try and maybe provide some feedback here.

Our trailer can be found here on [b]YouTube[/b].

You can get the game on the [b]Google Play Store[/b]

Tumble Panda is a 2D jump ‘n’ roll adventure game.

As a hungry Panda, the player is permanently looking for delicious bamboo. And since trotting is just not fun, the little Panda prefers to roll through the 40 handcrafted levels.
But obstacles are blocking the way. Geysers eject hot water and steam, unstable paths made of lampions need to be crossed and trampolines used to reach high platforms. A normal day in the life of a hungry Panda.

The Panda curls up into a ball, gains speed and launches himself over an abyss. While flying, he uses his Panda-powers to trigger an explosion at just the right time to destroy a pile of stones obstructing his way on the other side. Alternatively, he could have also caused an earthquake to clear them away in advance. Many adventures and challenges await the little Panda…

Great news:
Today we announced our charity effort tumblepanda.org. In essence this means that by playing our game you can support the environment.
You can find the announcement here.

nice game i installs and play

Quite a nice game and amazing graphic and the panda is cute too, thanks for sharing it.