[Game][Free] The Flying Sun - Adventure Game

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We are very happy to present our first game! It’s called The Flying Sun - Adventure Game.

It is a very simple but beautiful arcade that will please your eyes and relax your mind.

So what happened with the Sun? It fell from the sky and got lost in the woods. The time of darkness and chaos came. You need to save the planet and bring the Sun back to the sky!

All you need to do is just click on the ball and wait :slight_smile: you need to collect coins to upgrade and complete the game!
You will also face some obstacles, and boosters, and achievements on your way.

You can easily find the game on GooglePlay

Hi guys,

Has anyone tried the game? :wink:

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Wish you all happiness and love!

where is your Google Play link for this app?

please quote the downloads links

Hey guys!

We have finally published new updates: now you can go through different episodes and share your awesome results on your Facebook page! Enjoy unlocking new episodes and collecting coins!

Look forward to getting your feedback!!:slight_smile:

The game is live on GooglePlay