[Game][Free]Survival Challenge Racing Game

Funny Car game in which you must reach the goal while avoiding obstacles in the way, that appear while advancing.

By completing levels and achievements are rewards at each level are random points identified with the letter “C”, which can be collected and exchanged for different vehicles available, including level rewards are
over 20 custom colors.

On the way there are different powers, you use them at the right time and combine when needed.


Reinforced Bumpers:
When activated bumper is equipped with a large solid for a short period of time, you can charge any car crash or smoothly.

Quick Repair:
When activated, instantly recovers and a permanent part of the resistance, if you have all the resistance does not recover anything.

When activated, you win a download speed with which you leave behind the other cars.

Each level has 3 achievements.

Achievement of Greed:
You must collect a minimum of points needed to unlock, each level has more points than the minimum.

Reckless Driving Achievement:
You accidents cause minimal required to unlock, each level has more than the minimum possible accidents.

Achievement of Skill:
You must collect and activate the minimum powers to unlock, each level has more powers than the minimum.

Video: http://youtu.be/1gVbb1b2X4E

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