[Game][Free] Smart Math Games Collection

★ 56 simple & challenging games and puzzles of numbers, logic and math.
★ Universal: supports both phone & tablet devices (Android + iPhone + iPad + Amazon Kindle Fire) with consistent and comfortable UI.
★ All games can be played offline without internet.
★ All games are suitable for the whole family adults and kids.
★ All games have save button to save playing progress and resume it later.

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It is a great way to practice logic, math and deductive reasoning skills at the same time. You can improve memory, concentration and logical thinking skills. You can enjoy all fun of number games, cool math games, logic puzzle games, math cross puzzles, cross number puzzles, brainteasers, and mind blowing in this free super numbers puzzle.

Arithmetic Math Games: you practice and improve your mental math skills:-
* Arithmetic Math Games Collection
* Arithmetic Addition
* Arithmetic Subtraction
* Arithmetic Multiplication
* Arithmetic Division
* Sudoku Octangles: Math Cross Puzzle
* Sudoku Addition: Math Cross Puzzle
* Sudoku Multiplication: Math Cross Puzzle
* 1 + 2 = 3
* 1 + 2 = 3 Duel
* Arithmetic Challenge
* Arithmetic Duel
* Dominoes make 20
* Match Cards Difficult Level

[b]Logic Puzzle Games[/b]: you do some mental thinking and brain training:-
* XO/Tic Tac Toe
* XO Duel
* Sudoku Octangles: Cross Numbers Puzzle
* Sudoku Addition: Cross Numbers Puzzle
* Sudoku Multiplication: Cross Numbers Puzzle
* Numbers Battle
* Numbers Clock
* Sliding Numbers Puzzle
* Touch Numbers in Order
* Match Cards Easy Level
* Match Cards Medium Level
* Who jumps? 1 or 2
* Falling Blocks
* Color Arrow
* Classic Snake
* Chess Knight

Play, enjoy and have fun !