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[GAME][FREE] SkyFrontier 2

SkyFrontier 2


“SkyFrontier 2 - Green Gems” is the sequel of my 2011 game “SkyFrontier 3D”.
Inspired by the classic DOS game SkyRoads, your goal is to control a spacecraft along roads on sky, jumping over platforms, while avoiding all kind of obstacles.

Game Features:

  • Voxels Graphics
  • Original and exclusive musics (by myself ;D)
  • Upcoming Levels and Zones (it is on beta version)
  • 3D engine: jPCT-AE
  • Completely FREE!


I hope you all enjoy my new game! :slight_smile:
If you download, please rate it on Play Store to support my development! :slight_smile:


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Best Regards,
Marcelo Silva

Hey do you have a phone with android 5.0+? My app is only available to those who have android lollipop or higher. If so I’ll review your app. Thanks anyway

Yes, I have!
If you let your app link here I can check and give a rate!
For anyone who check my game, just let your name and app link here and I’ll take a look and rate your app too (I’ll rate as Marcelo Silva).