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[Park It Properly parking game


Park It Properly is a parking simulator game. Your goal is to sit behind the steering wheel of your vehicle and you have to drive through checkpoints and find your parking spot where you can park the car, like in real life. This game requires the high precision and concentration to to avoid the obstacles and reach your destination. Do you have what it takes to become the world’s best driver?

Is your vehicle slow? You can use the accumulated finances to buy upgrades for your SUV, car or bus or buy new vehicles, each with their unique performance characteristics.

There is a timer in the game, which is used to record your time needed to park your car. The fastest time will be recorded, so that you may share your results with the rest of the world via leaderboards.

Are you having trouble with parallel parking? This game will help you learn how to do it in real life.

The game features:

  • Great 3D models of a small neighbourhoods and vehicles, each with interior view.
  • Driver model in each vehicle with turning hands and steering wheel.
  • Challenging levels, each with different financial rewards.
  • Many settings like graphics quality, music and sensitivity.
  • Three different control types - you can choose to steer your vehicle using only buttons, buttons and device tilt or even two buttons, for gas and brake, and a steering wheel.

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