[GAME][Free] Ore Miner - RPG clicker

Ore Miner - RPG clicker from Studio Techtrics

Ore Miner is not your ordinary clicking game.
Although the basic idea is simple - mining ores, it goes beyond that by including RPG elements and that keeps you involved longer than you originally thought.
The game also has a unique crafting system, which compels you to constantly create new and better equipment for your miner.
You can also upgrade your miner by investing earned talent points (1 point per level) into specialization.

Your miner has 4 aspects available for specialization:

  • Power (brute force - boosting up your gear for tapping; better XP gain leads to quicker leveling)
  • Intelligence (boosting the idle variables like ores/sec for better ore gain; Ore generator with upgrades does the mining when you’re away)
  • Luck (increasing your chance of item drops, so that you don’t have to craft so much)
  • Barter (lower requirements when crafting items; get more ores in return when selling items)

While you progress through levels, extra stones become available for mining.
Achievements are also included, completing them gets you rewards, which you can then use in the shop for buying new gear.
Latest update includes social elements (adding friends, sending items, leaderboard).
For further updates we plan on introducing a competition mode, ranks and daily battles.

ok, ill try it

Here is my review JumblyApps

Thx guys, appreciate you giving it a try! You can find more info about the gameplay on our wiki page (link is also in the game): Ore Miner Wiki