[Game][Free] Off-Road 4x4 Racer 3D

[Off-Road 4x4 Racer 3D game


My first 3D game, hope you like it :slight_smile:

Off-Road Hill Climb Racing 3D is a free classic arcade racing style physics based game where the player goes head to head with other rival AI racers, also driving their cars and trucks, that both kids and adults will enjoy. Get behind the wheel of your 4x4 truck and race as fast as you can to beat the AI racers to the finish line, trying to get ahead on every lap. Go offroad or use the track, it is up to you, the player. Buy other trucks, buggies and cars to improve your odds of winning the race and finishing first, thus earning more points which are used to unlock other tracks and vehicles to drive.

Each location has its own charm - from the hot desert, to the icy mountain to the volcanic island - all tracks have their own obstacles and AI controlled opponents with vehicles which will race against you. Climb hills, race down slopes, speed through obstacles and beat the other AI players. Do you have what it takes to win all races, become first and unlock new locations and vehicles?

Be careful when purchasing a new car or truck - each some come with FWD(front wheel drive), some with RWD(rear wheel drive) and there are those, which have AWD(all wheel drive, or 4x4). Each vehicle is suited for different tracks and terrain, so be careful when you go racing.

Currently the game has 6 vehicles(2 4x4 trucks, one monster truck, one buggy and two rally cars) and 5 tracks - one in the desert, one in the forest, winter course, beach and island scenes(more cars and tracks to come soon). Each vehicle and location have their unique characteristics and scenery.

Now you can choose between different quality settings for the game, thus making the game available on lower end devices.


-Great 3D graphics racing game
-2 4x4 trucks, two monster trucsk, one buggy and two rally cars
-6 tracks with beautiful scenery - desert, winter, forest, beach and island
-Simple and fun controls - use buttons, or buttons and tilt
-Classic style arcade racing game
-Smart AI opponents with fast cars, making the game fun and challenging
-Change your graphic options depending on your device - high or low

I’ve installed the game… it all starts ok, then I select the car (the default one), but when I select the track (Dunes) is plays the music, says “Loading…”, and that’s all!

Hi, on some devices it takes a long time to load, but it is loading. What device do you have :slight_smile: ?

I’m using a HUDL2 running android 5.something. I’ve left it 10 minutes to see if it loads without luck

Oh, this is strange… thank you very much, I will look into this :slight_smile: !

Let me know when you have and I’ll give it another go. Thanks