[Game][Free] Mixtris

Hi everyone!

I launch a new Android game that I want to introduce to you
Its call Mixtris and its a Tetris with pieces that only are one color box (red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple) where you can combine primary color to get the second one

It has 70 levels with fun goals to achieve


I will really apreciate if you download my game and rate it with 5 stars!


Hey @pablo.serra,

My congrats regarding your app launching in Google Play, your app make really interest in people - I have checked your app and see that the average amount of installs starts from 500. Sincerely it is pretty good indicator of amount in view of that your app has completely lack of ASO and localization.

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[b]MoPeak[/b] is the company which is reputable in ASO industry, use the trend tools which maximize the app improvement and app visibility in search result page. Ordering ASO from these guys - you get a confidence that your app increase its position obviously.

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good game!!!

awesome game!!!