[Game][Free] Mexi Cannon

We, Menue Games, just released our second game entitled Mexi Cannon. Check out the description below!

Viva La Luchadores! Watch them fly from a cannon!

Muscular built, colourful mask and leggings - these costumes are the complete definition of Mexican wrestlers, the Luchadores! Meet the hero of Mexi Cannon: Taco, a typical Luchador who only have one goal in mind - to join the Luchador World Championships. Realizing that he will be late in the tournament, he used a canon and launched himself to avoid the city traffics and finally reach the stadium. Tag along his friends to help him achieve his goal!


*Two unique game modes to choose from:

Normal mode – accomplish missions and collect items with the help of stage objects

King of the Hill mode – jump as high and far as possible and set record for the world to beat

*Choose your hero and set his costume!*Use signature moves to accelerate towards the goal.

*Change the course of the game. Unlock content and power-ups!*View the game in two ways: traditional “side scroll” or dynamic “follow cam”.

*Compete globally for the farthest distance, maximum height reached, and the number of multipliers gained.

*Lots of content and additional features to come

Download it now and post your comments and suggestions!


Hi Flying Luchadores,

We have noticed some errors on our game and fixed them already.
Please update your installed game. Experience lag-free game with no tutorial page and blue screen when going to the store from game ads.
Please continue giving your feedback on our game. Thank you!

Also, if you like our game, please like Mexi Cannon’s fan page for more updates!