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[Keep It Safe 3D transportation game


Keep It Safe 3D is the latest game of the cargo transporting series - Keep It Safe. The player takes control of a SUV or truck type vehicle, racing through a hilly terrain, so that they can transport various cargo to the final destination (the market), keeping it safe. Their goal is to accumulate as much finances as they can to unlock the next vehicle, truck upgrade or level, each different from the other. Race to the finish, but keep the cargo safe at the same time. Race to the finish, keeping the cargo safe at the same time.

Transporting goods, like fruit or other various cargo, will earn you money which you can use to upgrade your car or truck for easier transportation of goods to the market, buy upgrades for the given vehicle or unlock new levels.

The game uses life-like physics for the trucks and cargo. This way, not only is the game more fun, but also upgrading your trucks will noticeably improve their handling and power. This way, older trucks could be used on newer levels.

Keep It Safe 3 also features leaderboards. Can you be the fastest one to go around the track, thereby beating the high scores of other players?

Game features:

-Beautiful 3D graphics with different locations and settings.
-Settings menu, for different device hardware
-Physics based game, making it very fun
-Currently 5 different vehicles to transport the cargo. More soon to come
-All vehicles can be upgraded - you can upgrade their engine, as well as their suspension.
-Currently 3 different levels with gorgeous scenery, more to come
-Very interactive menus
-The timer starts when you leave the cargo depot.
-Different controls to chose from - you can either use tilt(if your device has an accelerometer) with gas and brake pedal or button control type with buttons for gas,brake(and reverse), left and right.
-Various goods, each with different characteristics and physics