[Game][Free] Fingers Versus Knife

Don’t cut your fingers off!

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Fingers Vs Knife is a game that requires great concentration. It’s a game of great risk and suspense. Not to mention a game that makes you wonder what the heck you are doing risking your fingers like that!
Playing Fingers Vs Knife brings a tinge of anxiety every single time you play it. Play by moving a knife across your hand. Test your nerves and reaction by hitting the area between your fingers without cutting your fingers off!

CAUTION: No hands were harmed in creating this app, but do not try this at home.


Fingers vs Knife Update Ver 201

  • NEW! Zombie Mode: Instead of stabbing between the fingers, stab THE fingers and gain points! If you miss, it’s game over!
  • New weapons! Unlock 5 new items and use them to stab away on the hapless hand!