[GAME][FREE] Delete One Part

Hellom I have made this game named “Delete One Part”, anyone can check it give me feedback :slight_smile:

Be smart and delete one and the correct part.
It’s easy to play! Just start touching and drag your finger to erase and delete one part of the drawing and see what lies behind it. The DOP may seem simple, but not with the wrong amount of shots.
Erase one part of drawing and find hidden objects behind to help out the family.
As many DOP thinking games , you need to predict the right place of the hidden part drawing to help solve puzzle.
Investigate thousands of puzzle levels chock-full of the trickiest brain-teasers.
Not all puzzles are the same! Each level get your brain to solve a problem in a new way.
this is a popular brain DOP game, provided with the best drawings and handy erase .
#Delete One part DOP2​


  • +10 Levels​

  • Custom levels​

  • Easy adding new levels​

  • Unity Ads Implemented​

Download : DOT_v0.1.aab - Google Drive
Purchase source code on SellMyApp : https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/delete-one-part/