[Game][Free] Cuckoo Killer!

This game is my first work for Android!
The idea of the game it’s to hit and K.O. the Cuckoo Birds before they sing!
When we move through the different levels, difficult will increase. More Clocks, More birds and new Cuckoos with diferent Skills!

Here’s the link to the Play Store:

I hope everybody enjoy it and send me the comments :smiley:

Here is the feedback / my opinion:

  • cute graphics and nice color composition
  • need more levels
  • i don’t see any ads
  • graphics do not fill the entire screen (device resolution 960x540 pixels), the black space in left and right

I tried on ZTE V970M, Android 4.1.1.

Thanks Waal for the review!!
it’s our first game, so we need to learn a lot :slight_smile: All the comments help