[Game][Free] Attack of the Roasted Chickens

We, Menue Games, released our fourth game entitled Attack of the Roasted Chickens. Check out the details below:

Arm yourself with slingshot! The roasted chickens are here!

Isn’t it shameful to be killed by the slap of a roasted chicken?! Then arm yourself with slingshot and began saving your life by throwing rocks at them. Guard yourself from this army of roasted chickens and don’t let them cross your border. They are coming at you for burning their village and making them the target for your dinner. Aim for the Golden Roasted Chicken to strengthen your defense!


-Easy game control – set the direction, hold and release

  • Gain magical power-ups by hitting the Golden Roasted Chicken

  • Earn extra life and purchase full version to unlock exciting contents

  • Variety of roasted chicken enemies with unique attack damage characteristics

Download it now!


Version 103 is now available on Google Play. Update your game now!

Here are the following changes:

Enlarge text fonts
Add sfx when equipping a bullet
Fix issue regarding crashes on some devices
Make bonus wave produce continious chickens
Enable Tapjoy for earning free coins
Optimize graphics
Reduced apk size
Change coin button in main menu to pop-up for free coins and buy coins(for monetization)
Hi Roasted Chickens Busters,

Are the chickens approaching your fence quickly? Then purchase the slimy stone to
slow them down. Look at the image below to see how you can keep their distance off your fence.