[GAME][FREE][2.1+] Invasion of the Veggies


My latest android game is finished and I’d appreciate if anyone could try it and maybe give an opinion.

The goal of the game is to shoot the invading veggies down from the sky. If a veggie escapes you loose some or all of your health (depending on the enemy’s health itself).

By shooting the veggies you earn money to buy upgrades and new cannons.
The trick is to make your fruit missile bounce off of the veggies and thus making combos to increase your earnings. You can also shoot them while they are already falling which brings you more money as well.

There are 40 different enemies, 18 types of missiles (fruit), and 3 upgradable cannons (missile type, range, basket size and reload speed)

The game is available on Google Play

AndroidZoom gave it 4/5.

I made a promotional video:

I like the promo video. It’s an interesting game, with a different take on the classic artillery concept. I think a lot of kids might like this game - shooting down the broccoli & yukky veggies! :wink: Great to hear you got it reviewed on AndroidZoom too. Was that hard?

I’m glad you like it! And I hope those kids like it too :).
I just asked them (and a few other sites) if they could do a review and they did it.

I’m making an HD version for tablets. Check out this gameplay video.


Version 1.1.0 is out!

  • hi-res textures for tablets!
  • reduced price of some upgrades
  • increased bonuses gained from some of the veggies
  • increased power of some fruit
  • other bug fixes

Review on AndroidAppLog http://www.androidapplog.com/2012/09/android-app-reviews/invasion-of-the-veggies-game-review/

That’s a very nice game. I found the long reload time a bit frustrating but apart from that quite playable. I’d make the enemies faster but made the reload take less time. 5-starred it :slight_smile:

What library did you use for the physics engine? It works quite nicely.
Did you have to pay for the reviews on AppLog and Zoom or just submitted your app?

Thanks for the comment and the 5-star rating Max!
Reload time is actually one of the upgrades. It’s possible to upgrade the cannon to the point where reload time takes only 1 second.
But I guess it could be a little frustrating at the beginning.

I use box2D for physics.

AndroidZoom did the review for free (I just asked them).
I payed for the one on AndroidAppLog, but it wasn’t too expensive.

A small update: Hi-res phones can now use HD textures