Game Engines

Hi Guys,

I’m new at game development, but not new at android at android development.
I’m trying to use LibGDX the last two months, but it’s not working well. Everything i try to do, even if it’s a simple task, LibGDX can turn it into a impossible task and I have to create “workarounds”.
The question is, which game engine should I use these days for simple 2D game development? I use Linux.

I use libgdx, it can be tedious (low level) but I like it so far and it is a good framework.
I haven’t used addengine but it is supposed to be a little more high level. I am not sure it is still beng updated at the moment though

Well, I wrote a lot of libraries for myself for libGDX over the years, so it is the easiest for me. It’s good when you know what you are doing and are willing to make a game engine over that simple framework.

I am considering making at least some of my new games in something easier like Gobot or Unity mostly because they support more platforms though.

libgdx is low level, so it is for developers :slight_smile:

try unity, it goes a different approach … this it may not be free … not sure. As a dev (and used to coding), I find Unity being complicated and forcing me to do workarounds all the time. But ok it’s an full engine :slight_smile:

Hi berber,

I’m using AndEngine for my first game and it is really easy to use. Besides, I’m thinking in a 2nd game and I will also use AndEngine.
I have understood that is higher level than libgdx but for begin with games it’s great.

Here is a tutorial which was very helpful to start with it.

Check it out

I prefer low level and don’t like unity. This is not the problem.
The problem is that LIBGDX has many ways to do the same thing. I can’t find many tutorials doing things nearly the same.
Everything’s is complicated, even for low level. I’m doing a tiled level, but the Tiled software always let space between them.
Worse than that is the map collision, I couldn’t do that. Then, I tried to make my actor respond only to the touch drag when starts touching it, but the positions got really wrong.

To avoid space between tiles I make them larger by 1% so they overlap a little (but I use Inkscape to load levels - and I don’t recommend that method because it’s insane).
You might get better information how to cope with such things on badlogic forum though.

They don’t answer my posts at badlogic forum. By the way, i use inkscape also. But i use it only to design the tiles.
Anyway, the big problem isn’t the tiles. Everything is problematic, I’ve used XNA and it’s far away better.

The collisions at the map isn’t working yet, the screen resizing makes the movement different. I made a polygon layer to make libgdx check for collision, but i couldn’t use because the Intersect class only uses retangles. I cant use retangle because my map is a ball.