Game development: Which game engine to choose?

Hi guys,

until now i already published multiple apps, however i’m still waiting to construct my first game.

Which game engine should i choose?
Is there an engine that already has lots of textures, graphics and sounds included for being used?
Maybe also an engine that can somehow be ported easily to Windows application?

From what i read till now Unity3D or AndEngine seem to be quite good.
Any recommendations / experiences?

I chose to use libgdx for my game(s?).

Maybe also an engine that can somehow be ported easily to Windows application?

It is automatically launchable as Windows app or Android app, which is quite nice for testing as it launches instantly.
But it doesn’t have any textures etc… included, to my knowledge.

We use Libgdx aswell. highly recommended.

It is a Multiplatform Framework, not Engine. Supports iOS, Android, HTML5, and Desktop (Windows, Linux, OSX). Much more performant than Andengine. And Free.


As far as I know Libgdx is very good. Much better than Unity. The only reason to work with Unity is if you need complex 3D features.

But I hope you will be willing to try Gingee. We are a development platform in which you only need one code to create apps in all OS (including desktop). The rest might be offering that as well, but during the development process you will see that you will need to work very hard to optimize the apps to each OS and device. With Gingee, that is not need. TRUE cross platform.

Let me know if you need further explanation. link is in my signature (new website will be up shortly).

Does Gingee cater for in-app billing and ads. Ads can easily be integrated in libgdx games but in-app billing… :frowning:

Of course. We have both of this elements including all the major ads systems.

My friend recommended me Corona SDK you can create apps for iOS, Android and Kindle. Worth to try it!

From what I know, Corona is not a good solution. Too many adjustments to make, too much work to optimize for all devices. And the performence is poor. Of course I recommend using Ginge, but there are others as well, far better than Corona. Libgdx is one of them. Cocos2d is another.

Thx for all those feedbacks.

So it seems libgdx should be first to try, afterwards Gingee and so on :slight_smile:

Does someone know free texture / graphic packages that are allowed to be used withing ‘commercial’ (ad financed) apps?

Here has resources graphics (sprites) & textures (free& paid)

unity 3D is the app where you can create 3D graphics
But Ren’Py is a free and open source visual novel engine that allows users to combine images, text and sound to create interactive simulation games.

Try libgdx
Its better than andengine
First its free.
Second it support multi platform
Third you can check your app on the desktop without installing on any emulator or Android device

Have you tried unuty3d? Is unity3d better than libgdx?

comparing unity3d with libgdx is like comparing apples and oranges. Unity3d is ofcourse much better than libgdx. But it is paid and its free version provide limited features and also using it is little bit complex than libgdx.

jPCT jPCT-AE - a mobile 3D engine for Google’s Android
Catcake catcake - An Open Source Graphics Engine - Google Project Hosting
two opensource game engine~
Hope it will help you

so i’m now doing first demo project with libgdx, seems to be quite nice till now :slight_smile:

Libgdx, or you can use Coco2d-x if your like C++

I use impact js. I did not publish any games yet(I only purchased it 3 weeks ago) but it was extremely easy and simple to learn, and 100$ investment is nothing compared to the revenues you’d earn if you are developing games quickly and efficiently(it’ what I said to myself before paying the sum anyway).
I ran some experiments on android(using webview) and the performance is very good on android 4.0+ it was also good on android 2.3(my personal phone, kept in old version for testing) however it did not support multitouch(not sure if cordova/phonegap solves that)

But anyway you get the benefits of having a game playable in any browser+phones in a good performance. Very good documentation. Very easy to learn framework, I just downloaded the sample game and turned them inside out. Built in level editor, so just drag and draw the levels in your game instead of having to code everything, the engine will handle gravity and collision.