Game development - how long do you need in avarage to make a game

Hello I have just small question. How long do you need to make a game in avarage and how long (hours) do you work on it in one day. Some people said in youtube 3-14 days. That’s crazy and cannot believe this.

I started new to game development and I need some few weeks to finish it.
Example I made Flapping Crew which is Flappy Bird clon but with multiplayer and I needed for it over one month. But I have to say I was working under 9 hours. Like 4-7 hours.

For me, an average of 4 months. Working 5-6 hours per day. With the experience, you can reuse part of your code so you can be quicker to create an app in the future .

This question can’t be answered after all, it all depends on the scale of the game in question.

What’s game development, to begin with. Is it the coding? Creating the images, buying/refactoring images? What about sounds?

The game I am currently working on took me 3 days of powercoding but is extremely fun and I expect it to be a good source of income.
On the other hand I’ve also worked on software projects for several months, if not years.

Well I do the end to end work in my games.

  1. Graphics design/finalizing the art will take atleast a week. (Only 2-3 Hrs @ night after returning from work).
  2. Coding and Test - 4 Days (2 Weekends, if wife don’t make noise, else it may extend few more weekends).
  3. releasing with screenshots - 2 days
  4. Promotion - I never did that yet, since I myself didnt like my games that much.

I have also discovered that the answer to that question is always: “way too effin’ long!”.

I do full-cycle development for my games, but I reskin the source code once it’s finished.

Right now I have source code for 11 applications, with ~20 reskins planned for each depending on the size of the niche.

It takes me a few weeks to do the coding and testing, a day or two for the artwork, and then about five hours per reskin to change the code, change the art, and release it on the play store. (I managed six in twenty hours straight this past weekend.)

I tried myself. It was very simple space invaders game. I took around one to two weeks.

Do you buy skins artworks or do you do it yourself? I am not very nice on drawing things :slight_smile:

We can’t say perfect timing to complete game development it’s depends on game. If you starts to develop game from scratch it will take long time because many task included like flow design, graphic design, development, testing. But if you download by ready to use software then you can complete within short time.

It took me a few months to make a general-purpose game engine. After that, it took me two weeks average for each new game (puzzle and action game clones).

A lot depends on the idea of the game, if it is not difficult, something like Hyper casual, then it will take from 1 to 7 days, when licking can go up to a month. Something more complete can take from 3 to 6 months. In short, it all depends on how big the game is.