Game Design Patterns for Endless Mobile Games (Master Thesis project)

Hello! My name is David and I am currently working on a Master Thesis project called “Game Design Patterns for Endless mobile minigames”.
(Such as Temple Run, Doodle Jump, Crossy Road, …)

In short: Game design patterns are supposed to help game developers/designers to create games by providing useful information about game elements.

I created a survey to find out what developers/designers think about this approach. If you have a few minutes to spare, please help me out by filling in this survey. (No advertisement)

Thank you!!
(If you are interested in a copy of the game design patterns, just pm me, they might help if you are into this genre)

Here is the link to the questionnaire: Thank you very much!!

Done it - was quite interesting. Thank you

Thank you, Jumbly. Really appreciate your effort. :slight_smile:

I see the questionnaire has ended now - just curious what you think of the results and how your work is going Shinobi? Hope everything is great!