[GAME] Cyber Fighter: Arcade Game

In the Cyber Fighter: Arcade Game you are to take a fighter under control and set off to the cyberspace. We bring two game modes to your attention: Arcade and Hard. You are to battle with six different bosses in the Arcade mode where simple enemies can be killed with one hit. There is also a possibility to replenish the number of lives just scoring a certain amount of points. If you find the Arcade mode too easy or you have already finished it so it’s just the time to try the Hard mode.

You can save up Credits (currency) for the purchase of new fighters in the Hard mode. In this mode you will find six fighters with different damage and durability. You will make sure you will not be able to kill simple enemies with one hit since they become much stronger. Don’t expect that you will succeed in passing Cyber Fighter: Arcade Game at one push up to the end. To save up Credits for a new fighter, you will have to replay this game more than once. The better fighter you receive the easier it will be to pass the game.

The Cyber Fighter: Arcade Game is made in a particular graphics and audio style, which can help you to refresh your memory of those times that you spent in the front of arcade machines.
If it was before your time but you like good old retro games then you should definitely try Cyber Fighter: Arcade Game.

the game is full and free

Awesome game! Thank you for sharing. I love to play Arcade Game.
Does anyone know where to download the last version of the game? I would like to play with these guys.
Thanks in advance.

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yes this game is amazing but graphics are not supporting my mobile device. I am mostly play zombie shooter game on my mobile, you must have to try it for once if you love to play shooting games.