[Game]BSwift (Brain & Puzzle)

BSwift is a Brain & Puzzle game, made for Android platform, that will excite your senses while you strive for those 5 stars at each level, recording each single pixel and millisecond of it. Each level has its own uniqueness and addictiveness.

It is available in Android Market, in both free and paid versions. Paid version has 15 levels of sheer excitement and fun. You keep unlocking the next levels as you succeed in your current one. Bet, you’ll never get bored and always come back for more!

From Killing the Bees to Dialing Numbers, it’s a puzzle and brain game, each of the fifteen games will rush your adrenaline giving you hours of excitement and opening up a new unique challenge every time. Play as smartly as you can and make your friends know how swift you are by sharing your scores on your Facebook wall or your friend’s wall. The more you play the more you Be Swift. BSwift is with exciting features and it gives you hours of play.

15 different games in full version

-You can choose the level of difficulty to play
-Sharing scores on your Facebook wall or on your friend’s Facebook wall
-Tweet your scores, so that your followers can see it
-Every time there is challenge to play to compete with your scores
-You can unlock and play next game when you clear the current unlocked game

Five more exciting games are added in release of full version 1.2

Cath Eggs

Dial Colors

Find Pop

Pop Circle

Match Numbers

kill The Bees


Download BSwift Free Android Market

Download BSwift Full Android Market

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