[GAME] Board Games Online

For all of us who loves the classic board games that we remember so well from our childhood, I’m here to recommend this awesome app.

  • Checkers
  • 4 in a row (Connect 4)
  • Chess
  • Tic Tac Toe (12x12 board)

All games can be played online vs players around the world, you can duel against your friends and you can play vs CPU.

Online ranking, missions with rewards and custom avatars. I don’t know what this app does not have.



I really can recomend this app :wink: … Do you have any else?

I prefer to play regular games, where there are no risks associated with real money. I really like old console games like Pokemon - Yellow Version https://romsmode.com/roms/gameboy-color/pokemon-yellow-version-376689 And I still play the old Counter-Strike 1.6.

There are some other app also. But I really recommend this app only because of its popularity.

Good work.

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This is actually a good one. I would like to add Earthbound game. I used to play this even now. It’s pretty good and challenging as it tests your patients a lot. Check here for more details.

Great! I will try it later

Before covid-19 came into the world, my friends and I would often play board games. I have almost 50 different board games in my collection, Sadly nowadays we gather pretty rarely, about 2 times a month.