[Game/Android] Rotorcraft Breakout - Most Challenging Android Game

App Name: Rotorcraft Breakout
App Title: Rotorcraft - Helicopter Game
Developer: Texels
Cost: Free
Available On: Android and Indus OS
Genre: Arcade

Icon: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2ibydetg58lT3djb0NUU2lGTEU&usp=drive_web

Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2ibydetg58lRnlEVTVlN1M2Ykk&usp=drive_web

Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kaykay.GameCop&hl=en

Mission: Glide your helicopter through various challenging floating rocks to escape from the Bermuda Triangle.

What makes Rotorcraft Breakout special?
Unlike many side scrolling games, Rotorcraft Breakout is a continuous horizontal as well as vertical scrolling game. This gives the player a lot of space to travel and thereby gives a feel of flying the helicopter in real world and makes the game more intriguing.

Features and Description:

1) Helicopters: 5 different helicopters are available out of which 4 can be unlocked by using coins collected in the game.
a) Rotorcraft: This is the entry level helicopter and it’s free.
b) Classic: The cheapest helicopter available which can travel with ease in vertical direction.
c) The Bird: This is the military helicopter and due to its tapered dimension, it can go through narrow gaps easily.
d) Metal Hawk: This helicopter has a metal like appearance and is the easiest to control even at high speed.
e) Rotor Car: This is a combination of a helicopter and car in terms of appearance. Also considered as a futuristic helicopter.

2) Obstacles:
a) Floating Rocks: Normal rocks floating in air scattered all around the world.
b) Spinner Rocks: Tall rocks spinning in air.
c) Gravity Rocks: Powerful rocks which have gravity field can pull the helicopter into them.
d) Fire Rocks: Rocks which can shoot fire balls onto the helicopter.
e) Giant Rocks: Huge rocks seeing which the player can get tensed.

3) Power Ups:
a) Turbo: Turbo power up makes the helicopter fly far in the blink of an eye.
b) Shield: Protects the helicopter from any obstacle.
c) Missile: Gains one missile which can be used to shoot any obstacle.
d) Coin Magnet: Gain coins by attracting them.
e) Coin Multiplier: Coin value increases by 2.

4) Themes:
a) Morning
b) Evening
c) Night

Additional Points:

  1. Shield is the key to success. Using the shield wisely will help the player to complete the game. This can be taken as a hint.
  2. Travelling 700-800m will give a good idea of the game.
  3. 25 Amazing Achievements to unlock.
  4. As helicopters don’t fly too high, there is a vertical limit for the helicopter in the game.

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