[GAME] [4.0+] POP: Nice Monster Game - A new time killer

POP: Nice Monster Game - this is a new time killer, available on the android and ios. The entire game is made in the space field. Mission accomplished is simple: to save our planet from funny monsters from outer space, where you must kill

This also helps to:

  1. Bonuses (black hole, freezing and shield) - all without exception, bonuses will help you kill more nyashnye creatures
  2. Life in the game - as much as 3 lives to play and this minimum, because if you lose a life - it may again fall to you from heaven (Be careful - in short it’s not so simple)

Quickly download (POP: Nice Monster Game ) and saving! Put yourself in the operation men in black!:cool:


Hey Man,

Seems Like a Nice Game you got, but this should go to the Android Games section and Not here :slight_smile: Peace!

Its an amazing game, thanks for the share mate.