[GAME] [4.0.3+] Color Challenge 1.0.05 - My first real game

Hi, My name is Jose Luis.

I make a new game called Color Challenge, well this game was made in my free time and as a hobby like all my android games but this game its different i think this is the best game i´ve ever made (i made 5) because i´ve enjoyed developing it the gameplay is addictive and you can share in facebook with your friends.


main game mechanic is I programmed seven colors, two of them will be chosen by the game, then if you touch the screen the color of the level and player will change for example if you have the colours: red and blue if you touch the screen game level will be red if you touch again the screen game level will be in a blue color.


In the level will appear some “enemys” with the two colours selected you must be in the same color to not die for example if you´re blue and the enemy is red you must be in the red colour.

So that was basically my game it´s as simple as looks so thanks for read this post and thanks(if you download the game) for download it.

Any feedback would be apreciated

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FreakinGames.ColorChall