[GAME][2.3+] Word Miner Free


Word Miner is for anyone who enjoys scrabble, scramble, boggle, words with friends, crossword, spelling or any kind of word puzzle games.

Currently in Word Miner you can play 2 seperate spelling games, each gives you it’s own rewards that can then be used in either game. Only from a combination of these can you find precious Moonstones.

== GEM VEIN ==
Gem Vein is a timed spelling game. You must drag letters from your tray up into a grid. Once placed they cannot be moved. So place them wisely.

Attempt to spell words both horizontally and vertically. They must be at least 3 letters long. However, 4 letter words will score a 2X word bonus and 5 letter words are a 3X word bonus. So it’s to your advantage to spell longer words.

Unlike scrabble, letter combinations that do not spell words can be placed. They just won’t give you any points. When the time runs out the game will calculate and reward you a gem based your score.

In Gold Rush random letters start dropping into a grid. You can move the letters around as much as you wish and try to spell words.

On the first level, once you create a word that’s at least 3 letters long those letters will be scored and then removed. If you have enough letters scoring at the same time you may be rewarded with a BONUS BLAST. In which case several random letters on the board will also be scored and removed.

The game does speed up over time and bonus blasts become harder to achieve.
Every level will require more letters scoring before they are removed. As soon as the grid is full, the game will be over. If you score enough points you will be rewarded a precious metal.

As you earn gems from playing Gem Vein you can use them in all games.
Each gem has a different bonus. Some allow you to score a letter instantly (thus freeing up a grid space you may want to drop a better letter in). Some gems will transmute the ore on a tile to a better one, thus make that letter worth more points.

When you break a gem, don’t worry, that gem isn’t gone forever. It’ll still be available next time you play.

Some gems require more taps than others to break. Look at the little number in the lower right of the gem once you’ve put it in it’s socket, to know how many taps are remaining.

Every time you earn a precious metal in Gold Rush there is a chance a new tile in both games will be infused with it. The more precious metals you unearth, the higher the probability one will randomly appear.

Don’t forget that breaking some gems will transmute tiles to a better metal, and give you a greater bonus.

Moonstones can only be earned in Gem Vein by scoring 1000 points.
They can only be used to unlock future games and have no function within game play.

In order to reach 1000 points you’ll need to play a combination of both Gem Vein and Gold Rush, earning both gems and precious metals.
Each will allow you to score the bonuses necessary to achieve this feat.

Good luck!