[GAME][2.3+][promo codes] Beaver time

Beaver time
Requirements: android

Hi! I make simple game for android. I work as programmer, marketing and community manager My sister made design.

Game name - Beaver time HD.
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How activate: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/3422659
Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=comDarkWind.BeaverTimePro
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Overview: Beaver Time - addictive arcade game with elements of RPG, match3 and puzzle.
Funny beaver (Bro) decided to make trip along the river. He took lovely watches. He put them on his tail, for better maneuver between snags.
He took a couple of fishes for lunch. Beaver swam to place for lunch and fishes stole his watches. Fishes so treacherous !
Dinner fishes stole beaver watches- what could be worse?
There was a huge piranha, which could be placed into aquarium. Beaver decide to return his watches and punish fishes. He will make trip along Dark river. It is full of dangers and surprises. Beaver took some magic: fireball, meteor rain and more …
Who win in the struggle against evil, beaver or fishes, it’s up to you