[GAME][2.3+] Math For Everyone

Hi Everyone,

We from ForshApp (new Android students), would like to invite you to test our math game: Math For Everyone.

We are really interested in user experience, thus any comments from those who will try this game, are more than welcomed (any bugs, things to improve). Of course, if something is good, we would like to hear that as well :slight_smile:

May all of you have fun, as this is Math For Everyone!


Thanks for feedback,

Review/feedback here JumblyApps

Well, seems you are new one on the block with your own review blog :slight_smile:
Thanks for any effort on advertising our game! We appreciate any help that is available out there :wink:

Cheers and take care!

Google likes links, so I’ll add links!

nice site, can you add your review score of the apps on menu so visitors can screen out badly reviewed ones :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks for everyone helping us out, and giving feedback of our app.

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Hi All,

Please help us on testing and giving feedback.
Thank you in advance :wink:

Hi Everyone,

We have now added one more game: Mixed 1.
This will offer you 1 of 4 different equations, so in random way you will need to answer one of: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication.



We have just made another equation level in our game: PERCENTAGES.

Thank you all for testing our game and giving feedback.

Game can be downloaded on Google Play Store!


We have added few more games, for example:

  • True/False
  • 10 question game

Try it out :slight_smile: