[Game][2.3+][Free] Cheer Math Game with review from androidmag.de

With one month hardworking. We try to best to make awesome game. Simple for everyone. In this game you will feel easy to get 20 points. However, It is very hard to get 50. If you get 60 I think you are a genius. You will feel really funny if you play with your friends. Sometime, you will see your friends is so stupid. Believe me, when play this game, you and friend will make many stupid mistakes in math like 2 + 1 = 1 :)).

With our lucky, We get review from Harald Gutzelnig (a German editor) at Cheer Math Game | Androidmag.de

Before see read this article, you can try to play this game at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.piolab.mathchallenge.app

Now let see how Harald Gutzelnig think about our game (We try to translate it to English)

An inspiring math game to Cheer Math Game be ? Is that true? We think so - to a lesser extent ( for free ) .

Cheer Math Game

Normally we would not describe this game , simply because it does not offer the lot. It is described in two sentences. However, we have decided you closer to the game , namely because it has a certain addictive .

So now about the game itself : You have to be expected . In fact, you have to add and subtract as quickly as possible and correct. " 3 4 = -1 " is displayed. Here only need to find by looking insert the plus or the minus sign and to make the computing exactly. You lie correctly, is the next expression “3 6 = 9” This is easy . However, there will always be a little more difficult in the course of time, for example 5 9 + 3 = -1. If you have time , this is also to create , under pressure of time can ever be wrong.

Time is short
Under pressure of time you stand definitely . Because you have exactly 30 seconds to complete as many correct expression. However ,your time account will be increased by five correct answers. And if you’re lucky , you’ll get 5 or 6 extra seconds , with bad luck only 1 or 2 seconds. So also the chance factor plays a small role.
Before each game you get specifications , which are much too high. Can you get 52 points? How could this be possible ? 52 right in 30 seconds plus a few extra seconds? Even Adam Riese had a problem with that . Only you probably do not .
One thing is clear , you’re prodded . You want to beat your last best performance and therefore you try it again and again and again.

Need more improving, but it is motivating. However, it is only for adults or teenagers good mathematician. By expanding the range of numbers to negative numbers it is inappropriate for children, even as many secondary school students or high school students may have its problems with it. Is inexplicable why this game needs so many permissions.

Do you have any ideas?? Please help us improve our game.

Amazing game, I would definitely like to have it, it might be fun to play.